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You Are The Temple

Mantra Meditation Workshop:

You Are What You Are Seeking

tem·ple1: noun

  1. a building devoted to the worship, or regarded as the dwelling place, of a god or gods or other objects of religious reverence.

Learn simple techniques of Mantra Meditation for the modern-day seeker.  In this workshop you utilize Simple Sanskrit sounds to build awareness of your inner-world and deeply ground yourself into the present moment.  Practices will include saying different mantras aloud while feeling your energetic center.  The practices taught are to learn to trust and believe in yourself. 



·      To build and further fortify your energetic body

·      To navigate your Temple Within

·      To clear and heal old wounds

·      To know the answers come within


About Michael Nardi:  Michael has practiced over 10,000 hours of mantra.  He is continually letting go of his story and choosing to be the Force Within—an unjaded, totally clear presence.  Inspired to share his practices, he has written two books Open: Mantra Meditation for Personal Healing and Self-Mastery and You Are The Temple.  Both books are now available on audible.  He has also created the Michael Nardi Podcast which is a fun accessible way to be part of a larger community of seekers, have questions answered, and get to know more of Michael’s path. 


What to bring:  Practices will be done in sitting or lying down position so bring anything that will make you feel comfortable. Bolsters will be provided.


When:  Saturday 8/24/29

         11am – 4pm (with a 1 hour break)


Where: Breathe Chico Yoga & Wellness Studio

          830 Broadway Chico, CA 95928


Cost:  $85

Pre-Register: 530-570-2862,

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Come on down to Amoco Park to relax with us beside the river on
June 21st and 22nd for plenty of fun in the sun. 

The Bart Rea Learning Circle in Amoco Park
1155 W. 1st Street, Casper, WY 82604. 


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Mantra yoga utilizes mantras to awaken the Self and deepen the meditative aspects of life.  The mantras used are simple Sanskrit sounds said aloud or internally to help CONNECT to the LIFE within you.

Learn techniques to take home
Morning Awareness Building Practice
Afternoon Healing Practice
Evening Awakening Practice

Michael's relentless practice of self mastery has led him to practice over 10,000 hours of mantra yoga.  He has chewed, distilled, and refined the essence of this practice.  From this practice Michael holds an open heart of love, the clarity and breadth of an eagle, and stillness to be a parent/partner/friend/teacher.    

Are you inspired to NAVIGATE your INNER WORLD
Do you desire to be at PEACE with YOUR MIND?

IF so....JOIN US
4 week Series

Sundays 10-11am , 2/17/19 - 3/10/19
Cost: $75/series, $20/drop in
Teacher: Michael Nardi


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Sundays at Embody Yogic Medicine Bag.jpg


with Michael Nardi



AT EMBODY ASHLAND: 258 A St Ste 17 Ashland



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Yogic Medicine Bag”

Tools to Embody the Four Agreements

The Yogic Medicine Bag, contains tools to help you embody the love within yourself and share your Dream with the world.


Michael Nardi

In this intimate experience, Michael will speak from inspiration and directly from his heart to share tools of his Yogic Medicine Bag. These tools will be utilized to open, experience, and apply the Four Agreements created by Don Miguel Ruiz.

  1. Be Impeccable with your Word

  2. Don’t take things personally

  3. Don’t make assumptions

  4. Do your Best

The Yogic Medicine Bag includes tools such as Japa, Chanting, Movement, Mirror Work and Candle practices, which create awareness and intent to support your individual practice of the Four Agreements within your daily life. Awareness is the capacity to see yourself and your reactions, allowing you to take the responsibility for your life and make choices with Intent to create the Dream of your life.

Develop tools to:

  • Utilize your voice and speak your truth

  • Respect yourself and others

  • Deal with your reactions

  • Break the addiction to suffering

  • Gain Awareness and Intent

  • Take responsibility for your dream

  • Embody the Love within yourself

  • Recognize that You are the Temple: God is inside You

  • Open to a community coming together to intently practice the Four Agreements

Mama Gaya, a beloved teacher of Michael’s, shared the Truth that everything in our life is a mirror of our own Mind. So, if there is something you are unhappy about, you have to take complete responsibility to change it.

Michael helps apprentices come to their own Truth and Realizations within themselves.

Learn tools, take responsibility and create the Dream of your world.

DATE: October 21st 10:00am - 12:00pm

COST: $40

LOCATION: Embody Movement Center 258 A Street Suite 17 Ashland, OR 97520



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Don Jose Ruiz

The wisdom of the shamans was written to share awareness through the power of story telling. Don

Jose inspired by these traditions has dedicated this new book to the elders of the past. The Toltec

shamans of Mexico for centuries have used the art of story telling to share the gift of awareness to

the next generations of Toltec’s. Toltec Shamans are believed to be keepers of the flame. This sacred

tradition needs to be shared and passed on to the new generations, in order to keep the eternal flame lit. The eternal flame is believed to contain the will of intent and love; by keeping this flame lit is a way to honor our life and the sun. Don Jose opens and speaks directly from his heart in order to share with you these passionate stories that are meant to give the gift of awareness. This Toltec master will explain the deep meaning and value of these ancient stories to apply to everyday modern life. Experience this life-changing event and hear how don Jose will bring to life these stories and give his readers a window into traditions long shared in his family. In this intimate and rare Toltec experience don Jose will share the wisdom of his teachers and ancestors. He will open the wisdom shared through his swamis and of the wisdom of the shamans, where he learned the art of dreaming to change his life. Every nagual knows that to keep this knowledge alive one must live by it and share it. Toltec Shamanic Dreaming is training in the Toltec tradition, in this life changing experience you will learn:

 To take responsibility for your personal dream

 Become aware of the dream that we don’t want to live anymore

 Gain the tools and support to change this way of dreaming and live in your new dream

 Become the dream master in your life. By mastering your dream and life you will learn the mastery of love

 Together we will learn that with honesty, respect and unconditional love you can change your life to a beautiful dream

 Become aware of your relationship with your self and with others, discover your truth that inspires to support the love of your life, which is you.

 Learn to create your sacred intent to drive you through out your new dream and learn to master the power of your word

 Go beyond fear’s to find the courage within to go through anything in life. Learn how to maintain strength and stay faithful in love and with life. Learn the art of not taking things personally

 Prepare to live a life in service. Living this way allows us to keep strong the agreements we make in order to nurture ourselves in any dream. In this type of mirror work the Toltec’s believe that everything we do returns to us. Enter self-service and learn to live a lifestyle full of love

 Learn forgiveness and the art of letting go, one of the most challenging acts to master.

 Let go of the illusion of what life has told us. In this training we transform to see life from a different point of view, which allows us to let go and learn to break habits of any kind

 Learn to find your voice so that your true passion will follow. Learn to share and spread these teachings from the heart don Jose’s mission -just as his ancestors and teachers before him- is to prepare future masters to spread the word of positivity, peace and love. We can learn to dream a harmonious life together and pass it on to the next generations.

 Don Jose Ruiz invites you to join him to dream. Don Jose has dedicated “ The Wisdom

“Shamanic Dreaming"

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"You are the Temple" Extension Program for Teotihuacan: An Agreement of Love

March 20, 2017 - March 23, 2017

"You are the Temple"  

Empowered Sounds taught by Michael Nardi and special guest Don Jose Ruiz at Teotihuacan on the Pyramids: Vedic Practices guided by Toltec Wisdom

March 20-23, 2017

Early Pricing, until Jan 31st- $595

Standard Pricing, until Feb 28th- $695 

Late Pricing, after March 1st- $795

Register here for You Are The Temple

We are offering both the Power Journey An Agreement of Love and You Are The Temple  at a special price ( a $200 savings! ) if bought together. Find Out more, and Register for both programs Here! 



  1. a building devoted to the worship, or regarded as the dwelling place, of a god or gods or other objects of religious reverence.

Chant with us on the Pyramids in Teotihuacan using Empowered Sounds to embrace that "You are the Temple".  Surrounded by the energy of the sacred grounds of Teotihuacan, and guided by Michael Nardi, Healer & Teacher of Meditation and special guest, Toltec & modern day Shaman Don Jose Ruiz, this powerful journey will teach you to enter the present moment and embrace all that you are.

Ancient Vedic practices guided by modern Toltec Wisdom, will help you to let go of your story and old hurts, by using Empowered Sounds to enter the here and now, thus knowing you are the temple, "a dwelling place of God and Mother" of Sun and Moon.

Meditation is a practice of Will, choosing to let go of incessant thinking and emotional reactions by using Empowered Sounds to enter the present moment.  By choosing to make sound, instead of identifying with the mind, you are unconditionally loving and accepting yourself. You are empowered to let go of whatever is distracting you from the present moment and becoming centered in your Temple Within.  The more you are centered and resting on your Temple Within, the more naturally your energy flows to a state of well-being and awakening.  

"You are the Temple":

Learn Empowered Sounds 

  • To build and further fortify your Energetic Body

  • To be here now

  • To clear and heal old wounds

  • To navigate your Temple Within

  • To worship your own Divinity 

  • To invoke your Authentic Self

  • To Say YES to all that you are


  • Inspired lectures on Empowered Sounds, Vedic Practices & Toltec Wisdom

  • Participating in daily group Co-Healing Sessions

  • Participating in daily group Co-Awakening Classes

  • Chanting on the Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Moon & the Pyramid of the Underworlds (the Feathered Serpent)

Say yes to taking responsibility for your Inner-work by building, clearing, navigating, & worshipping your Temple Within to deeply ground yourself into the present moment and all that you are.

Find out more about You are the Temple on Empowered Sounds

Register for You Are The Temple Here!

Register for both programs Here!



  • 3 nights hotel

  • All lectures and experiences on Pyramids

  • 2 Days passes to the Teotihuacan Grounds

Not Included:

  • Transportation from airport, contact hotel to arrange or make your own arrangements

(Hotel Villas Arqueológicas
Periférico Sur S/N
Teotihuacan, Estado de México 55800

  • Meals and other services from the hotel (spa, laundry, etc.)

Villas Arqueologicas Teotihuacan stands at the end of the Calzada de los Muertos (Avenue of the Dead), an ancient road at the center of Teotihuacan’s archaeological site, one of the most important and beautiful in the world. Along the same Calzada stands the magnificent Piramide del Sol (Pyramid of the Sun), arguably Mexico’s most recognized landmark.

Influenced by an Aztec heritage, the Hotel Villas Teotihuacan shows detailed mosaic tiles that adorn the public spaces, while a series of fountains provide a joyful song in the background. The 42 guestrooms are built around a central courtyard that features a large, refreshing pool and patio restaurant. Elegant fireplaces compliment both the bar and the restaurant. The Villas Arqueologicas Teotihuacan Archaeological Villas also have four meeting rooms available for your conferences or business meetings.

Mandatory Items
• Passport is required – it must not expire for 6 months or it will not be valid!
• Money for food, personal items and extra activities if so desired;
• Sturdy, well broken in walking shoes;
• Enough of your medication for the entire trip in your carry-on bag, not packed in your luggage;
• Your prescription glasses;
• Earplugs – in case you have a roommate that snores;
Recommended Items
• Water bottle suitable for daily use;
• Hat or visor;
• Suntan lotion;
• Bug repellent;
• Sunglasses;
• Comfortable non-binding clothing in layers for warm days and cool nights;
• Bathing suit;
• Personal items and toiletries;
• Journal for writing;
• Poncho for rain;
• Back pack or fanny pack for camera, water, snacks, tissues and sweater;
• Alarm clock / watch;

Vaccines and Medications
We recommend that you consult with your own doctor or health care practitioner regarding medications and vaccinations. There are no mandatory vaccines required to enter Mexico.


Arrival To and Departure From Mexico City
Our journey together begins at Hotel, we recommend you fly into Mexico City, Mexico. You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the Benito Juarez Mexico City airport (MEX). Once you arrive and pass through immigration and customs, exchange money to pay for your transportation to hotel and for spending during the trip.

From USA- Many airlines have direct flights from Los Angeles, Houston and New York to Mexico City including AeroMexico, Alaska, Volaris, Horizon, Aerolitoral, and United.
More options are available if connecting through another U.S. city.

From Europe- Most commercial airlines link Mexico directly to Europe. It is always worth to compare flight offers from aircarriers who can bring you to Mexico City or Cancun via many european hubs, like Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid.....the flight duration from those cities is always approx. 11 hours (+ your connecting flight from home, if you do not board directly at the mentioned airports)

From Australia or New Zealand- Fly from either Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Auckland(NZ) direct to Los Angeles. Delta, Qantas, United, and V Australia offer non-stop air service from Australia to Los Angeles. Air New Zealand offers one-stop air service from Australia and non-stop air service from Auckland to Los Angleles. Hawaiian Airlines and Air Tahiti Nui offer one- or two-stop air service to Los Angeles from Australia and New Zealand.
For your departure, airlines request to do the check-in 3hrs prior to the departure of international flights, and it takes one hour to get from the hotel to the airport during normal business hours. We ask you to schedule your flight back home after 3PM, so we can leave the hotel at aprox 11 AM.

We can make whatever arrangements you need, but you will be responsible for the cost of transportation.
Arriving to Teotihuacan

By taxi. You can arrive to Teotihuacan by taxi. It takes about 45 minutes from Mexico City if you use the toll highway. A taxi is about $70 USD (depending on current exchange rates).
If you are flying in, make sure to prepay for the taxi in one of the kiosks at the baggage claim area.

By bus. During daylight hours, Autobuses México-San Juan Teotihuacán runs buses from Mexico City’s Terminal Norte to the ruins (MX$35, one hour) every 15 minutes from 7am to 6pm. When entering the Terminal Norte, turn left and walk to the second-last desk on the concourse. Make sure your bus is headed for ‘Los Pirámides, ’ not the nearby town of San Juan Teotihuacán. Buses arrive and depart from near Gate 1, also making stops at Gates 2 and 3. Return buses are more frequent after 1pm. The last bus back to Mexico City leaves at 6pm; some terminate at Indios Verdes metro station, but most continue to Terminal Norte.


Start:March 20, 2017

End:March 23, 2017

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"You are the Temple" Extension Program for Teotihuacan: An Agreement of Love”: