$20/class, $200 punch card for 10 classes (expires in 3 months)

Class Expectations:

  • Don't expect a fitness/exercise class, but expect to move. 
  • Don’t expect a silent/serious meditation class, but expect to open.
  • Be a student for your own process: bring a notebook, pen, water, towel. 
  • Always move with awareness:  You are responsible for your own body
  • Expect to laugh at yourself at least once during class. 
  • Collectively participate without judgment. You are part of the learning process. 
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Human Functional Movement Class

Michael Nardi; 45-Minutes, All Levels

(TU 11:15am, TH 9am)  


Movement Class                                     

Ashley Nardi; 45-Minute, All Levels

(M/W/F 11:15 am;  TU 9am)  


Mantra Meditation Class       

Michael Nardi; 45- Minutes, All Levels                  

(TH 11:15am)