Will you choose to Open or close? In every moment you make a choice, you are either identifying with your victim or the Force Within. Choose to Open. These are commonsense teachings of Mantra and Meditation for the modern-day seeker. Learn to trust and believe in yourself with practices to Open. Mantra Meditation is a practice of will, choosing to let go of incessant thinking and emotional reactions to reclaim your Personal Faith. By choosing a new agreement to chant, instead of identifying with your story and mantra of misery, you are embodying the Force Within. You are Open. 


Michael has returned to Clairvision School of Meditation, he is no longer teaching Mantra Meditation classes and retreats.

You are all you need! The resources of the books and podcast will teach you the practices. Then practice, practice, practice.

Blessings on your journey into opening and realizing You are the Temple.